Full Service Casing Crews

Our highly trained team of casing experts are experienced and equipped to run 2-3/8-20" casing.

Power Units

Our power units can safely run 2-3/8" - 20" casing on Kelly rigs, top drive rigs, and work over rigs. Our power units are equipped with 6 cylinder Deutz turbo diesel engines with remote kill switches and remote throttles.

Laydown Machine

Our laydown machines have a quick set up and the latest technology. Our laydown machines handle up to 20" casing.

Volant Casing Running Tool (CRT)

Our casing running tool rigs up very fast and is capable of running 5-1/2" - 7" casing rated up to 200 tons @ 25,000 maximum torque. This multi-functional tool can also be used as a filler tool and cement work.

Drill Pipe Tongs

Our Foster drill pipe tong model 870, maximum torque 75,000 ft. lbs. Drill pipe tong 4-1/8" - 9-5/8". Foster model 54-93 size range 1-5/16" - 7" O.D maximum torque 12,000 ft. lbs. Foster model 58-93 size range 1-5/16" - 7" O.D maximum torque 12,000 ft. lbs.

Con-Tech Torque Turns

Our torque turn services monitor the make up torque for all types of threads providing our customers with real time make up data.

Hydraulic Catwalk

Our hydraulic catwalks enable operators to safely laydown and pick up casing between 2-3/8" - 9-5/8".

Handling Tool Rentals

We rent hydraulic power units, slips, elevators, bails, hydraulic power tongs, and other miscellaneous items.

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